Stephanie Condello – Vice President, and Producer  

Stephanie’s role includes overseeing all parts of the event process from conception to execution, ensuring every client’s needs are met. Stephanie has experience managing events of all scales, from large Inaugural celebrations for 2,000 attendees, to intimate international events.


Julie Gouss – Account Manager

With her background in donor-related events, Julie brings fresh insight for sponsorship ideas for events. Julie has experience working with high-level speaker coordination in planning events as well as onsite.


Danny Huebsch – Technical Director

Danny’s expertise lies in the numbers; he has served as Technical Director for more than 300 events spanning 40 countries, with attendance at times in excess of 500,000 people.  From rock and roll shows to intimate gatherings of Fortune 100 CEO’s, Danny is a veteran in his field and consistently brings new ideas to event production through CWA.


David Hanrahan – Creative Director

A savant at constructing the perfect event narrative, David has conceptualized event presentation strategies, designed special prioritizing software, and created videos and documentaries for clients like the Peterson Foundation, The Wall Street Journal, and the Rockefeller Foundation, among many others.


Sameer Zavery – Design Director

Sameer is a multi-disciplined design director whose skills are in great demand by clients needing a comprehensive image makeover.  His ability to move seamlessly between the screen, print and web creates consistent and fully-immersive brand experiences.  With an international background and a passion for traveling, his design solutions have a global perspective that are both unique and relevant to today's worldwide trends. Whether our clients are looking for a refresh, a completely new identity or want to build on an existing brand, Sameer has the experience and hands-on skills to get them there.


Ben Moore  – Technical Manager

Ben has more than 15 years in the field and is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to technical production. From procuring National Parks and Parking permits, to installing 600 ft. hanging gardens, Ben’s management and oversight results in consistent successful events.


Jeff Markowitz – Director

Jeff has more than 25 years experience in production and stage management. He is an accomplished director with Broadway and live television event credits to his name, including Annie 20th Anniversary Production, Victoria Secret Fashion Show, Sound of Music Live, and the Tony Awards, to name a few.  


Oscar Motswagae – Diplomatic Service Associate

Located in Botswana, Africa, Oscar has extensive experience in investment promotion through his diplomatic service. He has served as Councellor at the Botswana Mission to the United Nations in New York, Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and Botswana’s Ambassador to Japan and Thailand.


Simon Marks – Founder of Feature Story News

Simon’s connections to news broadcasters worldwide have enhanced CWA events by providing a global news presence. Simon’s local team has also produced video content and interviews for many of our events. 



Throughout the years, E2K and CWA have teamed up all around the world to produce high-profile events. Specifically, Erin Olmstead and Michael Olmstead have served as show callers and directors for many of CWA events and productions and have helped as eyes and ears on the West Coast.